By GAC Staff member Preetam Sengupta

Each month (admittedly we’ve missed a few) we’ll feature a video from one of Guelph’s musical community members. If you’re a musician and have a video you’d like us to feature, please send a YouTube link our way along with a short bio.

After a short hiatus, we’re excited to be back with another Monthly Music video, and we feel like this one will keep your summer energy flowing. An aptly-named Guelph-based band, Royal Castles’ video for “Frickin Pretty” will surely find patrons anxiously awaiting their set as part of next month’s Riverfest Elora. This song has our toes tapping and heads bobbing, and the visuals—the setting is a video rental store—turn our calendars back just enough to elicit a heartwarming nostalgic smile. The matching outfits (which are a norm for the band) make it even more enjoyable, and anyone who has ever stocked a shelf will delight at the pure genius of the thought of doing so on a skateboard. As for the song itself, dial yourself back to the first decade of this millennium and recall the straight-ahead rock songs that filled the playlists of your very first mp3 players, then freshen that up with a bit of sparkling water.

Royal Castles

Energetic, hard hitting and hooks for days, Royal Castles are making nostalgic but contemporary garage-rock. Hailing from the Royal City of Guelph, Ontario and featuring the power trio of Katrin Sawatzky, Jordan Gabriel and AJ Johnson (Juno-nominated Cuff the Duke), the three-piece take influence from the bands of their formative years, delivering pounding drums, crunchy guitars and a healthy dose of wooly bass.

Learn more about Royal Castles on their website, or follow them on Instagram and/or Facebook. Their music can also be purchased on Bandcamp, where the popular “Bandcamp Friday” returns in September, so if you’re able to hold out for a month, more of your dollars will go into the band’s pocket. Without any further ado, enjoy Royal Castles’ “Frickin Pretty”!

BONUS: Some songs should not be translated and performed in German. This is NOT one of those songs—it’s “Frickin Wünderschon”.

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