By Sonya Poweska

After three years with Guelph Arts Council, it is with mixed emotions that I say goodbye to Guelph. In my time at Guelph Arts Council, I enjoyed getting to know the artists, groups, community members, and patrons that make up this great city. I want to take this opportunity to thank members of the community for being so welcoming; thank you to the artists who strive to make Guelph one of Canada’s great creative cities; and, thank you to each and every person who made arts and culture a priority in Guelph.

Since joining the team at Guelph Arts Council, I have had amazing opportunities to learn and share my experiences with artists both in and around Guelph. I promise to share these lessons, and learn some more, with the folks in Waterloo as I take on the new position of Culture Program Specialist at the City of Waterloo.

Guelph Arts Council has always been supported by a wonderful team of volunteers, Board of Directors, partner organizations, and staff. I am confident that they will continue to build the Arts Council and work towards great things. In the advent of Guelph Arts Council’s 40thanniversary, there is a tremendous opportunity to celebrate the successes of the community and the organization. I am very thankful to have been part of an organization with such a strong and successful history. I look forward to watching Guelph Arts Council over the next 40 years and participating as a citizen of Guelph as it continues to pursue the mission of advancing the arts and culture sector.

Thank you Guelph– it’s been a pleasure to get to know you.

Artfully yours,


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