We’re excited to announce a simpler membership structure that costs less to join and meets the needs of members and the community.

Instead of eight membership categories, you can now choose from three: general member, artist member, or organizational member.
For more details on membership categories, please see “Become a Member”



If you’re interested in the arts in Guelph but aren’t an artist or an arts organization, our new general membership is for you! For only $5, you can add your voice to support the arts and receive communications from the GAC.

ARTIST MEMBER (Individuals) – $30 (see below)



If you’re an artist or arts organization, either of these membership categories is for you. Both memberships include a profile in our Member Directory, and organizational members receive a discount for their members on GAC memberships!
Please note: Previously, membership prices incorporated a donation. For example, a general membership was $30. Included in that amount was a $25 charitable donation for which we would send you a tax receipt. The remaining $5 was the actual purchase of goods and services (i.e., membership benefits). We still need and appreciate your donations! You are invited to donate in any amount that suits you. Tax receipts will be issued for donations in the amount of $20 and above. Thank you for your ongoing support of arts in Guelph!

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