Royal City Studios – A pillar of the Guelph musical community is in urgent need of assistance.

Royal City Studios needs help to stay open. The pandemic has had an adverse effect on industries far and wide, but perhaps none more so than the arts and creative industries. With people unable to gather for live events, performance and rehearsal spaces become untenable within the boundaries of a lockdown. Sadly, the issue was cyclical. Musicians lost their livelihoods and could not earn money from live performances – for many, their principle source of income. And in turn, that money could not be reinvested into recording facilities for the creation of new works. This is a situation that Royal City Studios understands all too well, as they face closure if $50,000 is not raised by August 12, 2022.  

RCS is working hard to continue providing affordable services in their accessible and inclusive high-end facility, such as:

  • Open Mic Nights on Thursdays to support new local musicians and music
  • Build a Band Nights every other Sunday, where you get to learn 2 new songs with 2 new groups of people, in a very supportive environment.
  • Affordable sound-treated rehearsal rooms
  • Professional recording studio
  • Performance Hall catering to local talent
  • The Hall also functions as an Event Hall, supporting up to 50 guests

Royal City Studios is currently managing with the help of volunteers, and looking into to new business models to ensure its longevity. The loss of RCS would be a loss for the entire musical community in Guelph, as it is the only facility of its kind within Guelph-Wellington.

Here are some ways to help:

  • Please consider contributing to their GoFundMe campaign.
  • Visit RCS on Linktree and click on Keep Music Alive to make a donation.
  • Book and pay for a rehearsal studio, recording session, or event before August 12, 2022:

Let’s help keep music alive in Guelph.

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