Saturday you say? … Music to my ears!

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by Rukhsar Jaffer

Have you been hearing music on Saturday mornings? Have you seen buskers walking around town leading the way to Silence? Earlier this month, Silence, a non-profit music venue in Guelph, launched Saturday Morning Gatherings.

Stemming off of Silence’s Monday Morning Gatherings, the Saturday gathering is a time for artists of all kinds to assemble and enjoy, if not play, some music in a community-centred, improvisational environment. Saturday Morning Gatherings will be an additional opportunity to the long-standing Monday Morning Music gatherings for artists of all backgrounds to engage, express, and create in a safe place.

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Traditionally, Monday Morning Gatherings date back to when Silence started up five years ago. Morning music is an unbroken act of creating something out of nothing and is based on the practice of deep listening and responding sonically in the moment. Monday Morning gatherings take place every week regardless of holidays, weather, or building renovations.

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Both mornings offer treats and drinks from the Dead Dog Café, named after a radio show and a fictional café described in a novel by community member and friend of Silence, Thomas King. Although the café initially emerged as a way to fuel those that helped out with the extensive renovations that the building and space experienced; today, the café continues to provide energy to artists and audiences of all kinds. Dead Dog Café is open bright and early for both Monday and Saturday gatherings.

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Silence continues to be a place for cooperative engagement of musicians, artists, writers, and dancers. The space is open to artists of all backgrounds and is in no way limited to musical or visual artists. Furthermore, it is open to and supportive of all genres and audiences.

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Donations or a food contribution to the morning music gatherings are always welcome.

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For more information contact [email protected]

To find out more about Silence programming visit

Photography by Rukhsar Jaffer

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