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Shaping Clay, Shaping Life: a clay workshop to bring the light of compassion to the darkness of loss

The Cairn Project Canada is very excited to be the first to bring this profound workshop to Canada! Join Chicago artist Corinne D. Peterson on Tuesday, May 10 from 6:30 – 9:30 pm at Strong Hollow in Erin. This workshop for Guelph-area artists will wrap up a series of workshops led by Chicago artist Corinne D. Peterson.

In this workshop, you will make a clay rock to represent your experience of trauma and a porcelain token of light to celebrate your inner beauty. Tokens from many such workshops will be suspended in an installation of a luminous cloud over a cairn assembled from the rocks. Together the dark and light clay pieces transform individual experiences of loss and hope into a collective expression of healing. No clay experience is necessary, and talking about your trauma is not expected.

Photos courtesy of Cairn Project

The Cairn Project was launched by Corinne Peterson, renowned artist, clay sculptor and teacher at Lillstreet Art Center in Chicago. Corinne is a former psychotherapist who finds healing for her own traumas through working with clay. Marsha Baker, artist, occupational therapist and infant mental health specialist, co-directs the project. Learn more about the project at or follow the Cairn Project page on Facebook.

In 2015 and 2016, The Cairn Project will conduct up to 80 Shaping Clay, Shaping Life workshops with diverse populations, including the first workshops to be held in Canada. Each installation, called Cairn and Cloud: collective expression of trauma and hope, grows larger, as it includes all work created so far. The Cairn and Cloud installation will be exhibited in Guelph in the fall of 2016.

cairn project pictures

Photos courtesy of Cairn Project

Register by May 7 by contacting Sue Guttenstein at [email protected] or 519-853-3993. Maximum 10 participants. Workshop fee is $55 including materials and tax.

If you require a ride or are willing to provide a ride, please indicate when you register.

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