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By Katie Wilde

Summer may be halfway done, but we’re holding on to summer joy by extending our celebration of Art on the Street in a showcase of award-winners’ art.

Guelph Arts Council is fortunate to be located on the main floor of 10C Shared Space at 42 Carden Street – best known as the old Acker’s Furniture building. The first floor community gallery is open to the public 9-5, Monday to Friday, and hosts regularly changing exhibitions and displays.

From August 8 through 30, 2018, stop by to see work by the award-winning artists selected by a team of jurors at this year’s Art on the Street.

IMG 0100
Laurie Skantzos

All images courtesy of the artists.

Best of Show
Laurie Skantzos

Laurie’s abstract and semi-abstract painting is largely inspired by the natural world and filtered through her inner landscape.

The jury wanted to recognize Skantzos’ thoughtful and ever-evolving approach to her artistic process. Recently this has involved painting many layers through handmade paper stencils, the shapes of which come from hand-drawn gestures. The stencil itself leaves a unique set of marks, as it is used and re-used over wet paint.

006 TinyHorizon 12 x12 Monika Hauck, Tiny Horizon

Best Booth
Monika Hauck

A graduate from the University of Guelph’s Studio Art program, Monika Hauck is a visual artist currently based out of her hometown Guelph, Ontario. Her process includes a great amount of trial and error, failure and exploration of the limitations of materials. She is interested in exploring various methods of execution that reflect her interest in the everyday objects, locations, and forms that makes up the world around us.

Hauck’s booth was carefully considered, resulting in a harmonious and inviting display of artwork among subtle touches of functional and decorative furnishings.

s korey steckleS. Korey Steckle

Emerging Artist Award
S. Korey Steckle

Shayam Korey Steckle is primarily a contemporary abstract artist and landscape painter who works with acrylics. He also works in cut-out and collage, watercolour, and graphic design. 

Steckle exhibited cut-out collages at Art on the Street 2018. They are so precisely made that they give the illusion of digital prints; a close look is required to see that they are, in fact, hand-cut collage. Evidence of Steckle’s hard work to grow as an emerging artist was apparent in his compelling compositions and colour themes as well as skilled execution in assembling the collages.  

5 Lauren Wright Vartanian Art on the Street 2018 Canadian Wildlife SeriesNeurons and Nebulas, Canadian Wildlife Series

Honourable Mention
Neurons and Nebulas

Lauren Wright-Vartanian is a Guelph based multidisciplinary artist whose collection is heavily influenced by her obsession with astronomy, anatomy, and biology. Her best known work includes hand sculpted faux-taxidermy, and hand-embroidered felt ‘diagrammatic’ textile art. She loves witnessing people’s nerd side shine through when they see her work in person.

We’ve never had work at Art on the Street quite like that of Neurons and Nebulas, and it made an impact on the jury and audiences alike for its bold, beautiful, and quirky qualities.

This year’s People’s Choice Award went to Jennifer Elliotson, who unfortunately was not available to participate in this exhibition. Her work can be viewed on her website.

Visitors will be able to test a new art-purchasing platform developed by “Best Booth” winner Monika Hauck. Wallspacer helps buyers acquire art they find exhibited in alternative spaces. Whereas a commercial gallery is equipped to make sales and send you home the same day with your new artistic treasure, spaces like cafés, community centres, etc. often show art but can’t process a sale on behalf of the artist.  Artists can register their work on the platform, and buyers who come across that work in person can use the app/website to purchase it. Staff at the venue where the artwork is installed will assist in the process, but the payment is taken through the platform and goes directly to the artist rather than being collected by the venue.

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