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By Nik Wever and Ali McDonald

StayHome Fest (SHF) 2020 was born from the need to help artists and musicians have a consolidated platform to post Livestream events and shows during these difficult times. Under new social and physical distancing protocol, artists, musicians and members of the public alike were asked to stay home, which of course created a complete change in how the arts could be seen, heard and felt.

At the beginning of April, Ali McDonald of Infinity Marketing & Design proposed the idea that GAIN Music create the SHF Facebook page so that artists, musicians, promoters, entrepreneurs, venue owners and members of the artistic community could collaborate on one page to promote their streamed events and shows. The SHF page gives the artist or musician the ability to post streams to their own Facebook page for their fans to view, while also giving them another page to crosspost their stream to in order to help get external viewership.

Through a collaborative effort with Infinity Marketing & Design a website is also currently under construction for SHF as we look to expand the scope of SHF. It is the hope that SHF isn’t to be limited to just the current times, but something that can be grown and eventually encompass many other areas of the arts. Although currently in its infancy, it’s providing a virtual stage and the means to access and share the arts and entertainment.

In addition to the streamed events being hosted on the Stay Home Fest page, GAIN Music is also putting together a few special showcases and events via our brand new website (courtesy Infinity Marketing & Design) and a few specific events will be streamed through the GAIN Music social sites as well. These will include special features with artists we’ve worked with in the past or plan on working with in the future once more restrictions are lifted, of course.

 Kitzl based out in Guelph. Kitzl (aka Emily Aussem) is a young musician who has a
bright future ahead of her. She’s played a number of shows and showcases both in Guelph
and beyond and teaches at Jam School. Image by ThatGoodGraphic (Justin Alexis).

Another initiative we’re working on to help raise some funds for local musicians is through our Bandcamp page called “This Won’t Stop the Music”. All proceeds from the albums sold goes to the musicians involved in the compilations. Bandcamp has been lifting their fees on the first Friday of every month so this has been some nice added incentive to purchase music.

Other initiatives we are working on with members of the community are ones that aim to raise funds for local organizations that are currently working with those in need in the community. A large challenge for so many is how to keep funding going and keep organizations operating with less personnel and an ever-changing infrastructure.

Our goal at GAIN Music has always been to facilitate and help artists in any way we can while also contributing to our community in a positive and impactful way. The Stay Home Fest page has offered us a great opportunity to not only keep shows and events happening, albeit in a different form, but also gives artists and musicians opportunities to collaborateand create in the comfort and safety of their own homes as we navigate through this together.

Madison Galloway  
Madison Galloway, an emerging singer-songwriter based in Fergus who has been
hosting bi-weekly Livestream events and hasl also been a part of a number of 
online collaborative events since mid-March. Photos provided by StayHome Fest.     

Livid who is a producer, composer & dj based out of Guelph. 
This multi-talented artist has been a part of various GAIN Music showcases over 
the years and has also played a number of shows across Guelph. Photo by M2M Digital (Manny Martindale)

* GAIN Music stands for Guelph & Area Independent & New Music and was founded in 2011 with our annual festival called GAIN Music & Arts Festival that is usually hosted early March. The 2020 festival, which would have been year 10, was already slated to be shifted to early Fall 2020 but will now be pushed back to 2021. Date to be determined.

* Infinity Marketing & Design has taken on this project as a way to help keep artists active and involved during these trying times. In addition, it is the belief of Infinity Marketing & Design, that all aspects of the creative industry need to work hand in hand to see the success and growth of one another – in essence, everything tying into each other infinitely.

Nik Wever                                             Ali McDonald
Director of Operations                          Digital Marketing Specialist
GAIN Music                                           Infinity Marketing & Design                      

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