What’s all the Hoop-La around art and grant development?


By Necessary Arts Company

Hoop-La runs May 1, 2015 to May 31, 2015 in Budd’s Windows at 111 Wyndham Street North, Guelph, ON

Buy a piece of art from a local artist and support both the artist and development of a local Studio grant during this first annual Hoop-La event.

Necessary Arts Company with the support of Downtown Guelph Business Association and Budd’s is hosting an art exhibit and sale. The show opened on May 1 in Necessary Art’s downtown studio to a packed house of over 150 people, with 100 pieces of 6.5” round panel art available for purchase at $60 each. On May 2, the whole exhibit moved to Budd’s windows and the works are now available for purchase online at http://www.necessaryarts.ca/#!shop/c1yps or by phone at 519-400-4599. Budd’s has contributed the use of their prime showcase windows free of charge in support of local arts.


Necessary Arts Company’s co-owners, Frances Hahn and Cynthia Waldow organized this event with the creation of a grant for local artists in mind. Studio expenses are often the largest single expense each artist bears. This grant is intended to lighten that load by giving local artists the chance to apply for up to $600 each year to offset those costs. Also, artists often pay up to 50% commission fees on pieces sold via auctions or galleries. Hahn and Waldow wanted to create an exhibition where the art is more affordable to the buyer and the artists were paid the majority of the money. At 83% going to the artist, the participating Hoop-la artists are excited about the returns.

Hoopla in Budds with F. Hahn

Alisa McRonald, participating textile artist said, “It’s really interesting to see how all the different mediums that were used contributed to [Hoop-la] being a cohesive show. Despite the restriction of the circle as the structure to start from, it ended up being very freeing.”

While most of the participating artists are illustrators and painters, there are a number of mixed media and textile artists included in the show. Forty-two emerging and established artists connected to the local community are exhibiting.

All pieces will continue to be sold online or by phone until end of the day May 31, 2015.

Necessary Arts Company is a creative co-working studio in the Gummer Building Downtown Guelph that opened in 2013.

For all inquiries, please contact Cynthia Waldow at 519-400-4599 or the studio at [email protected]

Photo and artwork credits
Hoopla in Budd’s – Cynthia Waldow
Hoopla promotion – Frances Hahn
Hoopla Opening – Meredith Blackmore

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