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Are you a visual artist in Guelph looking for a place to showcase your artwork?

There are so many different types of spaces in Guelph to exhibit your creativity. From traditional spaces like galleries and museums, to community hubs and public areas, such as libraries, restaurants, and eateries. As an artist where you choose to exhibit your work depends on the type of work you do, the audience you’d like to engage with, and your long-term career goals as an artist.

To help simplify this process, GAC will be featuring different articles on “Where to Exhibit Your Artwork in Guelph” that focuses on different types of spaces. This month’s edition will be on cafés, restaurants, and eateries in the downtown area.

Photo credit: Adrianna Calvo. Pexels.

The Albion Hotel – 49 Norfolk St
“The Albion hotel is proud to support and display the efforts of hard working local artists from Southern Ontario. If you wish to be one of our featured artists, and have your personal work showcased on the historic walls of the hotel, send us an email outlining your work, artistic history, and why you wish to participate in this program.” – The Albion Hotel website. 
Submit inquiries to [email protected]

Art@Ebar – 37 Quebec St
“ACE (Art Craft Excellence) creative services is the showcase (Facebook) page for Guelph based artist and independent curator, Eric Allen Montgomery. This (Facebook) page showcases current and past ART@ebar shows, as well as notifying artists of upcoming art and craft events and opportunities.” – Art@ebar Facebook page.
Follow Art@Ebar in Facebook hear about upcoming exhibition opportunities.

Atmosphere Café + Etc. – 24 Carden St
“Located in a 19th Century historical building in downtown Guelph, Atmosphere cafe + etc. offers old world charm with an impressive modern flair. The European influenced menu is prepared in our open-concept kitchen with Lunch, Dinner and Late Night offerings.” – Atmosphere Facebook page.
Submit inquiries to Shawn Gilbert, 519.824.0439.

Cadence – 88 Yarmouth St
Cadence creates “healthy and delicious made-from-scratch plant based meals.” – Cadence Website.
Submit inquiries to Sheri, 519.265.8225,  [email protected]

Diana Downtown – 141 Wyndham St N
“Diana Downtown – a place that continues to live for celebrations, family and friendships, and of course for the love of food.”- Diana Downtown website.
Submit inquiries to 519.835.3460,  [email protected]

Guelph Farmers’ Market – 2 Gordon St
“One of Guelph’s oldest and well-loved community spaces offers fresh local food, artisanal products and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere year round. Guelph Farmers’ Market continues a tradition of pride and community building supporting the local economy, sustainability and entrepreneurship.” City of Guelph’s Website.
For inquiries on how to sell your artwork at the Guelph Farmers’ Market contact [email protected]

Miijidaa cafe + bistro – 37 Quebec St
“The word ‘Miijidaa’ is from the Ojibway language. It literally means “let’s eat.” We thought there couldn’t be a better word for a restaurant. (Still can’t!) For us it’s an inspiration to celebrate the cuisines and foods around us. A chance to show off our northern bounty.” – Miijidaa Café + Bistro’s Website.
Submit inquiries to [email protected] , 519.821.9271.    

The Red Brick Café- 8 Douglas St
“The Red Brick Café on Douglas opened in October 2006. Since then, we’ve hosted over 100 art shows. With over 500 customers per day, exposure is high and many art enthusiasts come regularly. Red Brick has developed a reputation for showcasing high quality art and competition for shows is robust. The café was designed specifically as a gallery and the space is ideal for exhibition” –Red Brick Café website.
Contact 519.836.1126 for inquiries. 

Is there a restaurant or café that showcases local artists that is not listed? Submit your suggestions to [email protected]

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