To GAC members and the creative community of Guelph,

This year has been one marked by continued change and adaptation both at the global level, and within our own city. I won’t reiterate what’s being covered in the news, but I will emphasize the role that artists must play in making sense of this moment, and dreaming of a future that we can collectively strive towards:

Artists of all practices possess the super-power to connect neighbours, strangers, friends, and adversaries to our shared humanity. Artistic expression can reintroduce us to those vivid senses of wonder, curiosity, and joy, and inspire the responsibility that is essential in critically asking nuanced societal questions. Art provides antidotes to apathy in times when there are no shortages of ailments in need of our attention.

Artwork by Katherine Percival

This year GAC has seen all that change and adaptation be met by staff and volunteers with enthusiasm, collaboration, and crucially, creativity. I am filled with gratitude for all that they have achieved, and excitement about what the future holds for this organization and the community it represents.

I love the arts and Guelph, and I suspect that if you are reading this note, you do too. I further believe that the work done by GAC staff and the volunteer board of directors is vital to the cultural fabric of our city. We continue to listen and learn from those who have historically been prevented or discouraged from sitting at the table, and work to translate these lessons into action. Next year is going to see some ambitious projects and growth coming from GAC, and I cannot wait for you to hear more about it. If the spirit moves you and your means allow, we would greatly appreciate your vote of confidence in helping to fund a future in Guelph that is vibrant and vivacious, with artists leading the way.

Thank you for your time, support, and creativity,

Braden Phelan, GAC Board Chair

Please show your support for the arts and artists in Guelph by donating online, by sending a cheque to 42 Carden Street, Unit 1B, Guelph, ON N1H 3A2, or by calling 519-836-3280. Thank you!

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