Operations Coordinator, Eden Mills Writer’s Festival

Part-time Contract $2,400

Deadline July 14, more information here.

The role of the Operations Coordinator is to orchestrate set-up and tear down for the Eden Mills Writers’ Festival.

Estimated Timing:

  • 10 hours in July
  • 40 hours in August
  • 50 hours in September (must be available full-time Thursday, September 5th through to Monday, September 9th, with overtime hours on Festival Sunday)


  • Participate in the recruitment of Operations volunteers for festival weekend (September 6-8th)
  • Liaise with festival suppliers (tenting, golf carts, toilets, etc.) to confirm arrangements (equipment ordered, delivery and pick-up times, etc.)
  • Update Operations maps and work plans for use on festival weekend
  • Arrange for inventory of deliveries, as required
  • Arrange for storage of items, as required
  • Liaise with “site” property owners to ensure site yards are tidy, grass is cut and cleared, seating areas can be accessed from the roadway, and that the accessible seating area has a clean line of sight to the “stage”. Coordinate any assistance site owners request
  • Inspect properties within the road closure and along the festival route, especially those adjacent to festival sites or used for various festival activities, to ensure they will be ready for festival weekend
  • Arrange for grass along the festival route to be cut
  • Charge walkie-talkies, purchase additional radios as needed
  • Prepare required materials for Operations headquarters (a tent)
  • Accompany the AV team during their walkthrough to ensure access to power-supply
  • Ensure all required equipment is in working order. Wash tents, chairs, and signage as needed
  • Be available for all deliveries on festival weekend and direct delivery to their proper locations
  • Oversee Operations volunteers the day previous to the festival, the day of the festival, and the day following the festival
  • On the day of the festival, oversee Operations headquarters and the Food Court and troubleshoot any issues that arise


  • This position requires outdoor work and physical labour. Must be able to set-up tents (up to 10’x 20’), move tables and chairs, etc.
  • Must have experience supervising and delegating to a team
  • Must have access to a vehicle

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