As a studio assistant, your role is not to interact with children but to clean and maintain the studio for our visitors. Our studio is a hands-on and child-led facility, therefore it can be a very loud and chaotic space at times. Being comfortable around children in a messy and noisy environment is essential to this role.


The Studio Assistant is responsible for general upkeep of all our art stations and other areas in our studio. This position will require some heavy lifting (full buckets of water); flexibility (being on your hands and knees) and endurance (potential long days with lots of cleaning).


What you’ll be doing (essential duties):


  • cleaning and maintaining art stations in our studio
  • deep cleaning tools/stations
  • overseeing visitors in our studio
  • closing studio


Rate of pay is dependent upon experience.

To apply, please email us your interest and resume at [email protected]. We will reach out should your experience and qualifications be a fit for a position on our team.

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