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Living in Ontario and travelling across Canada has really been a blessing for someone like me who loves to paint – it is so beautiful  no matter where you go or what the season is! Blue skies, the white and grey shadows of the snow, golden fields of summer and the burnt orange and yellow leaves of fall – these are the colours you will see most often on the products for sale at Gillian Joseph Art and Craft - located in Guelph, Ontario.

I have been painting with acrylic and oils for a number of years. Some wonderful instructors have taught me a great deal, including some of the practical skills learned through the Guelph School of Art, the techniques associated with realism style I learned through a class with New York artist Joseph Patric Daniels, painting with bold colours in a class taught by Canadian artist Charla Maarschalk and abstract painting techniques with Australian artist Richard Claremont. I have learned from all of them some special ways  to make colour come alive on canvas, wood or paper, and how a simple, ordinary object or view can be transformed into a painting that tells a fascinating story. However, as most artists would surely agree, we learn something new each time we pick up a brush and dip it into paint!

​You may notice that the style of my painting and crafts varies. I love the free expression of abstract painting, but equally I love the detail of a more realistic approach. Being mindful of environmental sustainability in practice and being open to diversity is an important goal. Whatever style emerges, I try to tell a story, mine or yours, in every painting.  So checkout my webpage  and find a painting or craft that represents the story meant for your wall!

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