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An emerging artist, Krista works primarily in semi-precious metals and natural found objects; favouring a dynamic natural approach to her haven- the mountains, cliffs, and trees of British Columbia and Ontario.  An earthy lense allows her to create striking forms and complex depth within each piece.

It brings me great joy to be part of nature and then take that immense feeling of tranquility into my works so that I can share it with kindred souls.  This is something I discovered I loved in the artwork of the Group of Seven and it sparked the challenge to create pieces in metal that balances lightness with boldness, an airiness with weight, and a curiosity to keep coming back and looking at it with fresh eyes over and over.

Balance plays an important role and a continuing theme through my body of work.  Each hand crafted piece has traditional elements to ground it mingled with an unexpected flare for a unique experience for every finished design.  The results I hope to achieve is a view into the relationship between mind, body, and soul- to say the physical world, how we interact with it, and how it feeds us.  Beauty is subjective, however, an appreciation for recognizing how you respond emotionally and intelligently to what you are interacting with will restore the soul every time.

As fleeting as the dappled light through the canopy, the mixed metals and found items incorporated are as unique to the piece as the journey to creating it; Traditional metalsmithing techniques combined with electroforming and acid etching brings with it a memory of the process.

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