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Born in Edmonton, Alberta, but she grew up in Guelph, Ontario.
Stories are always a part of her life, whether myths told by her grandmother or fairytale books given to her by her father. Stories are what inspired the thought that where anything that seems impossible can be possible.
Lisa is a formally trained fine artist and graphic designer who attended the University of Guelph – Fine Art program and The Creative Arts and Graphic Design program at Georgian College, graduating with honours. Lisa Won poster contest for 2019… National purebred dog day.  In 2020 she was accepted into the Ontario Society of artists.
Lisa is the owner of L’immaginaria. She creates her visions with printmaking and scratchboard. These mediums lend it's selves beautifully in telling the story of how animals and humans are connected. Animals expose the transparency of innocence and the authenticity of emotion. Humans devote much of their time to masking their essence and their true selves due to their vulnerability. Illustrating human emotions and experiences through this anthropomorphism. A playfulness quality shows that unimaginable and unreasonable can become sensible and absolute. Telling the story with effervescent shows the impression of the ingenious. I use satire with my animals to expose human folly. She wants to connect the viewer to the untainted spirit that lies within and take them back to the unlimited imagination of childhood.

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