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Wound Up is a contemporary circus theatre collective founded by three artists: Brittany Howlett (Guelph), Emily Hughes (Toronto) and Jessie Fraser (Toronto). The collective was established in 2019 with a focus on collaboratively creating multidisciplinary circus theatre productions. Their first production, titled "REST," draws inspiration from Charlotte Perkins Gilman's gothic 1892 novella, "The Yellow Wallpaper."

First presented as a solo art show piece choreographed and performed by Brittany Howlett, REST has developed into is a one-act, duo contemporary circus show that draws on the physical language of hand balancing, partner work, trapeze and aerial fabric through a sensory-rich and immersive audience experience. REST explores themes of mental health, isolation, and female agency and bodily autonomy.

As a collective, Wound Up seeks to blend the artistry and physical technique of contemporary circus with theatrical storytelling to create thought-provoking and emotionally resonant performances. Their work combines physicality, narrative, and visual elements to engage audiences, bringing together the worlds of circus and theatre in a unique and compelling way.

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