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We are a group of dedicated professional artists who have a goal of introducing innovative and inspiring art into our community. Artworks Gallery is created to feature the art of our members and welcome other artists to feature their unique art at  special exhibits.

Current Collective Members:

Sharyn Seibert is a seasoned Guelph professional in the art and design fields as a decorator, artist and educator.  She believes in the magical healing power of nature and creates paintings that communicate the wonder and beauty of the natural world.

Nancy Farrell award-winning artist has always been intrigued with the endless potential of abstract and non-objective painting. This form of expression challenges her with an unparalleled means of conveying emotion and mood through the use of shape, strong colour and intuitive marks.

Suzanne Wakefield is primarily a Landscape artist who works in pastels. She enjoys their immediacy and incomparable vibrant colours. She builds with each stroke of the pastel to invite the viewer into these scenes and find their spirit is part of this natural beauty.  Suzanne also occasionally does paintings of pets and people

For Patti Collins art is her companion. Thinking  about it all the time, her thoughts change constantly. She doesn't always know what the end product will be when creating. Colour, line and message evolves as she works through her process. The medium is not consistent; but people say they recognize her work in sculptured twig lamps, paintings, jewelry, wire work, and fabric art.

Jan Zimmerman is an acrylic painter who lives in Georgetown.  She has been painting, often in a whimsical style for over 25 years.  Her inspiration comes from growing up on Toronto Island and vacationing in Muskoka where she was surrounded by water and the natural world.  Much of her work includes old homes, farms, boats and critters, as well as people portrayed in mostly rural landscapes or on water.

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