Jam / Rehearsal Studios

Royal City Studios was created to provide Guelph musicians and bands with quality music space to rehearse, record, and perform in. We baked in all of the important stuff musicians really want:

  • Great sound in the studios, with proper sound treatment for rehearsal, recording, and performing
  • Isolation from other music studios so that other musicians’ sounds do not interfere with your work, and your sounds can’t be heard by others
  • Solid equipment tuned by a sound expert to help you just arrive, plug in, and rehearse
  • Refreshments to fuel your work (and we’re licensed, stocking local beer and coolers)
  • Replacement items in case something has been forgotten or broken (sticks, picks, strings, reeds, etc.)
  • respectful, inclusive, and fully accessible environment
  • With the vast numbers of musicians and groups in Guelph, we also look forward to hearing your ideas and making this facility the best in Canada.

Photo of Large Studio

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