Written by Teaira Garcia

Hosted by John F Ross, “A Moment in Time” is a thoughtful and well crafted exhibition revealing how artistic mediums such as ceramics, metal and paper can be expertly crafted into sculpture, portraits, and wearable jewellery. 

Picture courtesy of Teaira Garcia

Among the various mediums, techniques, and stylistic choices of the work presented in the show, one aspect remains constant: all of the pieces reflect a snapshot of a moment in time. The senior art students at John F. Ross explore the theme that as we mature and age our artwork stands still. Artwork stands as a lens into the past and portrays the emotion and messages of that era. 

As you walk into the gallery the hum of energy fills the air as the attendees of the gallery weave in and out to view the wall lined with portraits and abstract work. The hanging lights above greet the guests as they float like a canopy from the ceiling. 

Picture courtesy of Teaira Garcia

As you look to the far sides of the wall, glass cases are filled with students’ abstract work in addition to a variety of sculptures and crafted items. These abstracts are pieces created with a variety of colours and shades using both recognizable techniques like Jackson Pollock’s signature splash of paint and other techniques like piping plaster mixed with acrylic paint. These artists were challenged during this abstract unit to not use brushes on their canvas but this obstacle did not stop them, in fact it encouraged many artists to incorporate texture and depth into their paintings.

Below lay sculptures of different mediums including clay, plaster, and fiber. Many sculptures were created during the Museum Mutant project where students were challenged to combine two historical art pieces into their own piece using any medium they desired. These Museum Mutant projects have taken students up to 45 hours! Wearable artwork is also present in the form of jewelry and crocheted pieces. 

As you continue to walk along the E.L Fox corridor portraits and mixed media projects adorn the walls and work in harmony despite the different artistic mediums and styles being used. 

On the second floor of the gallery you are enveloped in pastel and cool toned artwork. Eventually as our view shifts we are drawn into the last segment of the gallery where viewers get a peek into the behind the scenes of the student art process. Rough sketches and plans from various students show the inner workings of the artist’s minds and what inspiration they took when creating their final piece. 

“A Moment in Time” will serve as a brilliant art show showcasing the ability and skill of such young artists. Despite this show being only two hours and purely a moment in time we hope that attendees and viewers look back at this event and explore their love and passion for arts once more.

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