An Interview with Gail Barber

Written by GAC Staff

In 2020, Gail Barber acquired the space now known as the GB Gallery, a space where art isn’t just displayed—it’s celebrated. With over 40 years of experience in art consultation, collection development, and art sales, Gail’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of creativity and perseverance.

Gail’s passion for art began early, nurtured by her education at the Banff School of Fine Art, where she earned her undergraduate degree. Although she later pursued interior design at Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson), her heart always remained in the arts. This background in design, however, offered her a unique perspective—viewing homes and their walls as canvases, with the art adorning them as the heart of the house.

Photo of GB Gallery courtesy of Gail Barber

After facing personal challenges, including the loss of her mother and her own accident, Gail found solace in returning to her passion for art. She even embarked on a unique period of selling art out of the back of her car, a testament to the love for what she does. Gail says it best herself, “you can take the girl out of the gallery but not the gallery out of the girl.”

Now situated at 199 Victoria Road South, Building H, near the Grotto Climbing Gym, GB Gallery is more than just a space for art—it’s a hub for creativity. As you climb the stairs, art adorning the walls guides you upward, leading to a space filled with natural light and an array of captivating artwork.

At GB Gallery, Gail offers a variety of services beyond consulting. She has represented artists such as Rodrick Romyn, Andrew Miles, Barry MaCarthy, and local talent like Quinn Henderson. Her expertise extends to art appraisals, design commissions, and hosting successful kids’ art camps. 

Gail’s art camps have evolved from humble beginnings, with her first camp hosting just four kids, to now accommodating nearly 20, primarily through word of mouth. These camps are ever-changing, offering a creative atmosphere where children are encouraged to explore their artistic inclinations freely. What sets these camps apart is their blend of visual art activities with non-art pursuits; from yoga sessions to visits from local beekeepers, and even integrating music with watercolor painting. Many of the camps also include rock climbing sessions at the nearby Grotto Climbing Gym, to get the creative juices flowing. Gail ensures that the camps never feel like typical classes but rather opportunities for kids to genuinely enjoy themselves. Additionally, adult life drawing classes have been introduced due to popular demand, and plans for team-building sessions for employers are in the works, reflecting Gail’s commitment to fostering creativity across all ages and backgrounds.

Looking ahead, Gail plans to expand the gallery to accommodate solo exhibitions, promising even more opportunities for artists to showcase their work. She tells us to stay tuned for more details in the next year. For those seeking Gail’s expertise in art consulting or artists looking to be represented, her website is the best way of reaching out.

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