Art On The Street: A 20 Year Legacy

By Amber Ozols, GAC Volunteer

The Guelph Arts Council and the Downtown Guelph Business Association are celebrating the return of in-person art viewing with the 20th anniversary of Art On The Street! The outdoor exhibition of open-air, temporary artist booths will rejoin Guelph’s downtown core, graduating to “festival” status, in a 2-day event this upcoming June.

These artist tents will be assembled along Quebec Street for public viewing and to soak up inspiration from some of the most talented artists, makers, and creatives our city (and surrounding areas) have to offer. With over 70 artists and makers selected to participate, there will be a wide array of artworks to explore during the event! 

After pivoting to Art on the (Virtual) Street for two years, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, GAC and the DGBA are excited to return to an in-person outdoor art experience. To celebrate the show’s 20 year milestone, Art On The Street will be extended and hosted over two consecutive days: Saturday, June 25 (10am-5pm) and Sunday, June 26 (11am-4pm). We highly recommend taking measurements and photos of your bare walls prior to attending, there will be plenty of wonderful art for you to take home!

Michelle Miller, Courtesy of the Artist

Over the last 2 decades, AOTS has seen a wide range of work and artists from across Ontario. The event has become a beloved and greatly celebrated Guelph tradition. GAC and DGBA are very excited to have two artists who have taken part in every year of AOTS chosen as our poster artists for 2022. Pay attention, you will soon see their beautiful work advertising the event all over Guelph!

Michelle Miller is a local Jeweler whose incredible pieces have been collected and admired by countless visitors over the years. 

“Art On The Street has always been one of my best shows, year after year! I have been a part of this show from its inception. It’s incredible how this event has grown and the excellent caliber of artists it hosts. I am honoured to be a part of it 20 years later!” – Michelle Miller

Bunny Safari, Photo kindly supplied by Toque.

Bunny Safari is a Guelph potter who’s distinct style of ceramic works have become signature mementos of the Wellington County area. 

“Art On the Street is such a great event that showcases artists/craftsfolk at all levels of their artistic endeavors. I can not believe it has been twenty years already. The community support is amazing and I love meeting many of my original supporters year after year. It is thanks to these folks who appreciate the amazing arts here in Guelph, enable us to make our passion into our profession and thrive.” – Bunny Safari 

Michelle Miller and Bunny Safari are must see artists at our 2022 event, and we look forward to sharing their stories of past years with the community as we approach the event in June. 

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