by Brianne Casey, GAC Staff

10C Exhibition – November 1st – November 20th, 2021

Judith Elsasser is an accomplished Guelph figurative and portrait artist who enjoys capturing the essence of what it means to be a person. Her realistic artworks are often completed in oil or acrylics and she enjoys sketching as well. Elsasser graduated from the Central Technical School in Toronto where she took a three-year art program and is known among many galleries for her incredible work. She continues to exhibit her realistic figurative as well as her portrait works and is well-recognized for her practice.  

“Steph” oil paint on canvas, 18″x24″ .

“Today, portraiture and figurative work seems to be underrated and not

appreciated; even though it is said the human figure is one of the

most difficult subjects to paint.  But being an artist is bred in the bone

and continuing this artistic journey is a must.  Artists are their own

worst critics and get very little satisfaction whatsoever at any time.  There is

only a queer dissatisfaction, a blessed unrest that keeps us marching and

makes it a necessity to express ourselves.

I try to paint daily and am excited by what the world offers:  so much

beauty, sadness and energy, so much pure emotion.  I endeavour to capture

their stories on canvas.  I have a passion to explore the beauty of the

human figure and its revelation of the human soul.  

This exhibition is just to show the viewer the people who have stayed

the course and continue on in their daily work.  These people are to be

commended and appreciated.  

The viewer is invited to bring their own experiences to bear on the

interpretation of these intimate glimpses into other people’s lives.  The

collection, painted in oils, constitutes imagery familiar to all, with a

sense of heritage and community embedded in the works.

Judith Elsasser’s artwork will be on display at 10C Shared Space (42 Carden St.) from November 1st -20th. Open for walk in’s Monday’s and Tuesdays 9am-3pm or by appointment by emailing [email protected]

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