Carved From Stone

This project was funded through Guelph Arts Council’s Research and Renewal Award, this award creates opportunities for local creatives to engage with archives, collections, and resources in developing research-based art projects. GAC supporter and volunteer Jason Nadon initiated the new award in 2021 from his love of Guelph heritage and a deep dedication to the arts in this community.

Carved From Stone examines Guelph’s long history with limestone to use as the creative material for two pieces of music and animation. The work used field recordings of local limestone and bodies of water, and the animation of historic photos and original drawings.

The first piece narrates the recession and melting of the huge glaciers that one covered Guelph, forming the iconic hillscape thousands of years ago. The second follows the growth of Guelph during the 19th century, and the unique limestone architecture found throughout the city.

Silas Chinsen is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, and vocalist based in Guelph. He holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s of Music in Classical Guitar and Voice Performance. Lizzy Mikulich is an emerging artist who works in digital drawing and animation. She is a recent graduate from the University of Guelph’s Studio Art program

We had a wonderful artist talk and celebration on July 14th, where the final artwork was premiered! Thank you to all the wonderful people who joined us to recognize and listen to these incredible artists.

Please enjoy this inspiring artwork that highlights and celebrated an important part of Guelph’s history:

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