Written by GAC Volunteer Writer Shona Sneddon

Every year Guelph Little Theatre (GLT) produces a community production that promotes the opportunity for all ages to create together. This year that production is Norm Foster’s Dear Santa. Veteran director, Joe Rose, makes his Guelph directorial debut with this production that brings  together actors across three generations to tell the story of the infamous man in red who attempts to fulfill a child’s special Christmas wish while dealing with a supply shortage at the North Pole.

The cast photo (by Pam N-Curtis), with some members of the crew.

Having people from different age groups working together is what makes the production so special, with parents often learning lines and rehearsing scenes with their children in preparation for opening night. It’s a bonding experience that can form family memories for a lifetime. It’s also a great opportunity for young kids and adults of all ages to share laughs and joy with their fellow community members. To put on a show, it takes many hands, both little and bigger, and this show is no exception. 19 actors—some of whom play more than 1 part—16 crew members, and an extra large handful of volunteers will combine their efforts and deliver the show to the audience. It is what community theatre is all about—putting the “unity” in “community”.

Dear Santa runs December 1st through December 10th. Tickets can be purchased either online: thelittleboxoffice.com/guelphlittletheatre or in person at the box office. Tickets are $12.00 to $17.00 but arrangements can be made by contacting the theatre if cost is a barrier to entry. Guelph Little Theatre is located at 176 Morris Street, and the phone number is 519 821 0270.

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