Written by Stephanie Hoey

Hi everyone! I’m Stephanie. I’m just finishing up my time at Guelph Arts Council as an Experiential Learning Student during the final semester of my Advertising and Marketing Communications program at Mohawk College. My time at GAC has been spent assisting with a wide range of tasks, projects, and programs, which have allowed me to explore creative avenues within marketing and communications.

My interest in marketing started in Grade 12 when I was part of the semester-long “Beyond Borders” experiential learning program. Inspired by my opportunity to learn about event marketing for our large-scale charity event, I decided to continue down the marketing path with my post-secondary education.

While at Mohawk, I focused on strategic and business marketing/advertising, but my passion for the arts led to my placement at GAC, which I have found to be a very creative environment.

Being an Experiential Learning Student at Guelph Arts Council has not only been a great working and learning opportunity, but has also brought me closer to the Guelph community. I’ve been able to attend some very interesting local events and enjoyed the opportunity to write stories about some of them that you may have seen in recent GAC eNewsletters.

My role at GAC has also included creating posts for our social media pages, along with helping to keep our website up-to-date. Additionally, I have been helping with communications for our upcoming Art on the Street event and have also designed a new brochure for the organization.

As I am about to graduate from my program, I plan to take some time to enjoy the summer before hopefully pursuing a career in marketing where I can exercise both my business skills and my creativity.

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