Guelph Arts Council presents artBar Grand Opening w/SHEBAD & MOONBEAN

Guelph Arts Council invites you to the grand opening of artBar on Friday, July 14th, with doors opening at 7pm and exciting performances by local musical acts SHEBAD and MOONBEAN. The event promises an unforgettable night of music and community, and provides an opportunity to explore GAC’s new home, artBar. Tickets will be available for $20 at the door or at a discounted rate of $15 in advance (ticket link follows story). 

SHEBAD, a newly birthed celebration of sound and life came to fruition on the grounds of Guelph, Ontario. This dexterous, multidimensional collective comes together to hail frequencies that play loosely within many realms, incarnating as an alt-r&b, neo-soul entity. Unrefined freedom and experimentation permeate the core of this project, intertwining richly stacked harmony with curious instrumentation.

MOONBEAN is a queer, Ontario-based artist. Performing as an electronic duo with a live, synth hardware set and edgy vocals. They reign in experimental synth-pop with flavours of psychedelia, acid-house,techno and disco with a punk attitude.

More than just a new office and performance venue, artBar stands as a symbol of opportunity for Guelph’s vibrant art community. Beyond musical performances, artBar will also showcase the versatility of Guelph Arts Council’s vision, catering to a wide array of art forms, including poetry readings, theatrical productions, visual arts exhibitions and more. With its flexible space and facilities, artBar provides a dynamic, DIY platform for local artists to push boundaries and explore their creativity. In the post-lockdown era, with the closure of multiple performance and exhibition venues, opportunities for artists to connect with audiences have grown fewer, while demand has grown higher. GAC’s artBar project serves, in part, to address this need. 

With the grand opening of artBar, we are excited to learn and grow with our community, continuing to champion the arts, artists and their role within Guelph. Can’t wait to see you there! Follow the link HERE to purchase your tickets now.

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