Avalene’s passion for community and art stems from the experience of being raised in the village of Eden Mills, and connecting with Downtown Guelph’s unique cultural identity. She recently joined GAC as an experiential learning student through her school’s Co-op program. 

“I was surrounded by local artists from all backgrounds and we all interacted as a tight community to promote and grow our voice as a village, both artistically and culturally. Photography has always been a passion of mine, playing with all sorts of digital expressions like camera, film, and more ever since I was little. More presently, I continue to express my view of the world through the lens of a camera, as well as mediums like painting and clay. Flexible, soft, and nimble are the works of clay, thus giving me the freedom to create and explore the visionary complexities of sculpture: both functional and ornate. Working closely with these mediums has allowed me to thrive in artistic environments, surrounded by like-minded people and allowing me to create pieces and relationships that grow a community with a creativity-based vision.”

Avalene is excited to be working with Guelph Arts Council this semester and hopes to grow while learning about GAC and gaining a better appreciation for art, and specifically art in Guelph. “With the lovely energy of the artists, staff, and environment of GAC,” Avalene is grateful to include this time spent with GAC as part of her education.

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