This year the Guelph Film Festival is focusing all of our creative energy on doing live, in-person events better than ever—bigger, louder, quirkier, more playful, and more deeply thought-provoking. We are curating events, sparked by the themes of our documentary films, to ignite conversations about our world and relationships. The festival will be lighting up screens across downtown Guelph (and beyond!) to showcase artful nonfiction films that explore the themes of social justice, the environment, and community building. But that doesn’t mean it always needs to be intense. Joy can be a radical act. Sharing stories that matter is at the heart of what we do. And you never know which story will change you or the world.

As always, our festival showcases a selection of international, national, and local documentaries selected for the community of Guelph, with visiting directors/subjects, community discussions, creative events, and an ever-growing film series of short documentaries by local kid filmmakers, Tiny Docs by Tiny People. We are delighted to be able to continue to offer the 2023 festival for free to folks under 30. And when we say “Pay What You Want” we really mean it. If you want to come, we want you there!

Opening night will explore love and music with July Talk: Love Lives Here, while closing night will showcase the glittery excellence of Black Barbie. This year’s festival focuses on influential acts of agency and celebration, following your dreams and dancing your dance, while taking a moment to get deep, make a difference, and reflect.

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