Highlights from the Guelph Film Festival

By Justine Kraemer, GAC Volunteer Writer

The Guelph Film Festival is entering into its last week, this year’s festival was full of wonderful short and full length films both in person and online. Justine Kraemer, one of GAC’s Volunteer Writers has attended many of the Films featured this year, read the film reviews below and check out more of the Film Festival’s programming here. 

Short Docs 

As the Guelph Film Festival begins to wind down, we wanted to share four short films that deserve a special shout out and that you still have time to see! The Festival’s short films are available for the entirety of this year’s Festival, running until December 5th. Read about the films Galapagos: Secrets of Ocean Giants, MerB’ys, If I Tell Them and Snowy HERE. 

Dear Future Children Review 

Directed by Franz Bohm, Dear Future Children is a close look at the next generation, and the current issues they are already working to address. Bohm expertly blends the personal struggles with the global challenges faced by young activists around the world. Read more about this intense film HERE. 

‘The Magnitude of All Things’ Review

The Guelph Film Festival is underway with its annual compilation of documentaries. One of the features in the lineup for week one is Jennifer Abbott’s The Magnitude of All Things. 

When Abbott’s sister passed away from cancer, Abbott went on a filmmaking journey to explore the parallels between her personal grief and the grief of those directly affected by climate change. She went on a journey to speak to those who are on their own grief journey when faced with the current climate emergency, and to impress upon viewers that this is an issue that impacts us all, whether or not we choose to acknowledge the truth. Read more about this moving film HERE. 

The Guelph Film Festival Wraps up on November 5th, with a Last Chance Weekend, allowing you to catch up on what you missed and rewatch what you loved! Buy your sliding scale ticket while you still can HERE!

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