Interview with Sharyn Seibert

Written by Kayla St-Pierre

What began as a curiosity towards embarking on a DIY Artist Career turned into an interview with GAC member Sharyn Seibert. Kayla St-Pierre, a student at the University of Guelph who’s currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Studio Art, sat down to talk with Sharyn. Together, they discussed her journey navigating a life in the arts, where she is today, and what she is looking towards in her future. 

Picture courtesy of Kayla St-Pierre

Sharyn is a notable member of the art community in Guelph. She is a prolific educator, has been a mentor in the Guelph Emerging Artists Mentorship Program, is one of the founders of the Guelph Studio Tour, and more recently is involved with the creation and evolution of the Artworks Gallery Guelph located on 404 York Street. 

Kayla met Sharyn during the 2022 Guelph Emerging Artists Mentorship Program and knew she would be an inspiring and insightful person to talk to. Sharyn is very passionate about what she does, and gives plenty of good advice for artists to consider. Click here to watch the full interview. These interviews are in the spirit of sharing knowledge about the art world and getting to know how other artists operate. Every artist is so different, which makes talking to them so fascinating and inspiring! New interviews with more artists from the Guelph community will be posted soon! Follow @kaylastpierreart on instagram for updates.

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