At the moment it appears Wellington and Waterloo County has Covid-19 under control. Infections are down and vaccination rates are very strong. Performance artists are now very excited.

As a solo performer, I have lots of flexibility. I can perform anywhere, indoors or out.

One of my goals is to create theatre without leaving a footprint. The location is the set, and the ambient sound and light the special effects. When we bring  awareness to the light and sound around us it heightens their properties and infuses the performance.

I know, it’s hard to believe that well written text delivered effectively is all that is required to create magic, but its true. Experience it for yourself. Results guaranteed or your money refunded.

Invite an ‘elocutionist’ to your next gathering be it an adult birthday, wedding anniversary, special occasion, business event, social service club, friend event or any group. I have a vast repertoire to suit any occasion or I can create a custom performance to suit your event.

In the next few weeks I am performing for a women’s group, some visitors who are coming to Guelph for a cultural event, a business that wants to do something special for staff, and a birthday party for a man who is turning 70. Call 519 820-3269 or email [email protected]

Yes, I am still doing storytelling walking tours, historical and otherwise on request. Minimum 5 people per tour. Any day, anytime. Contact me for details.

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