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A few of us on the GAC team had the pleasure of visiting the 42nd Insights Juried Exhibition of Fine Art currently on at the Wellington County Museum and Archives. The show consists of multiple local artists from Wellington County and surrounding areas, including Guelph (and boy were we excited to see so many Guelph artists participating!) 

The exhibition itself showcases a variety of mediums ranging from traditional still lives to fantastical sculptures. The Insights show aims to honour excellence and shine a spotlight on innovative approaches to artistic expressionism, meaning there’s no need to make a trip all the way to the MOMA, as this show does an amazing job curating a collection of local contemporary art. GAC was very excited to see two emerging artists that participated in our most recent Guelph Emerging Artist Mentorship Project (GEAMP) with work in the exhibition.

The exhibition space itself is quite lovely. It offers more than the traditional four white walls to display the work. There are multiple pedestals for sculptural works, some with glass casing to protect the more delicate pieces, as well as free standing walls amid the room. This setup encourages viewers to move through the room around the works with no obvious path to take. This ensures that visitors circle back to take a new path to see works they may have missed on the other side of a wall or view a 3D work from a new perspective. We found that this inadvertently meant we viewed works multiple times, allowing us moments to see new elements in each piece with each pass.  
Insights Exhibition of Fine Art is on until June 11th (meaning loads of time to go check it out!) at 0536 Wellington County Rd 18, Fergus, ON, N1M ZW3.

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