Monthly Musical Member: SHEBAD


Check out this month's Musical Member Guelph based band SHEBAD!

Every month Guelph Arts Council features a video from one of Guelph’s musical community members. If you are a musician based in Guelph and would like one of your songs featured in one of our next Musical Member stories GAC welcomes you to send a YouTube link and short bio our way. 

This month GAC wants to shine the spotlight on a new – up and coming Guelph based band, SHEBAD and the release of their first EP show us it’s real. SHEBAD describes their first ever five song EP as “vibrant and alive” and a “true introduction to what SHEBAD has to offer.” 

SHEBAD was born out of the isolation of the pandemic when the band’s co-lead and voice, Claire Voy, and co-lead and multi-instrumentalist, Mark Spagnolo, started writing and producing music using free software out of Mark’s bedroom. Slowly, Claire and Mark created a conceptual body of work with the help of other band members: Toby Binder, Jon Chung, Maya Bishop, Nathan Klassen, and Emil White. 

The visual component to SHEBAD adds a compelling element to the band’s music and aura as a whole. Claire Voy, a Guelph based visual artist in addition to musician, created the cover art for the band’s subsequent releases (including show us it’s real) through digital, painted, and photographic media. 

You can learn more about SHEBAD and their new EP show us it’s real here and check out their Instagram here.

SHEBAD is hosting an EP release party October 1st at Tabu Nightclub. For anyone interested in experiencing the band’s “multidimensional R&B” music, you can find more information on the release party here. In the meantime, check out SHEBAD’s hit single Terra.

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