After a bit of a hiatus, we’re back with another Musical Member. We’re very excited about this local musician and we hope you will be too! If you’re a musician and have a video you’d like us to feature, please send a YouTube link our way along with a short bio.

Photo Courtesy of Nina Platiša

This month’s musical member is local pianist, vocalist, composer, producer, and more, Nina Platiša. Nina was born in Belgrade (former Yugoslavia) and considers herself a lifelong pianist. Nina has been composing dynamic, emotional, and introspective music since the age of seventeen. 

Nina’s debut album, Za Klavir: For the Piano, had a release event on April 22 at Toronto’s Hart House. The album is a collection of 26 original compositions that blend minimal, contemporary, classical, and elements of traditional Balkan folk music together. Six of the songs from the album were chosen by various artists to create films to go along with the songs. Those films were shown at the Hart House launch party. 

Aside from her latest release, Nina was also vocalist, songwriter, and producer for the project, LEVELSEVEN, an album of introspective pop music. Nina has released two singles, I Wove A Garment For You and Your Lust that are associated with this project. Her work has also been featured in many short films and she has composed music for the upcoming short films Broken Waters and Campaign On: A Lifetime of Athletic Pursuit. 

Nina was also a participant of Guelph Arts Council’s Guelph Emerging Artist Mentorship Project in 2021 and it is so amazing to see all of the great musical things she’s been up to since her participation in our program!
To learn more about Nina and her musical endeavors check out her website and Instagram.

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