No Gutter Balls, it’s a Strike!!

By Shona Sneddon, GAC Volunteer

Sure, you could sit home and watch a movie any time you wanted, but it doesn’t compare to the  “in the moment” experience when you attend a live theatre production, especially a theatre production that involves the potentiality of something going horribly wrong. 

Picture Courtesy of Guelph Little Theatre

Guelph Little Theatre’s recent production of Splitsville, by Canadian playwright , Linda Lloyd-McKenzie and directed by Guelph businesswoman, Jane Watson recently had its production of Splitsville. Splitsville is a heartwarming fast paced comedy about the relationships that ensue as a woman’s bowling team comes together in an attempt to take the first place trophy and defeat the rivals once and for all! 

This lovable small cast had a lot to learn besides their lines when rehearsing for this production. The group got into character the “method” way through rehearsing at the local Woodlawn Bowl. Learning to bowl can be difficult enough, add in some pumps, tight pants, a wig, and doing it all in perfect timing (in the physicality of your character) so you don’t miss your cue, don’t drop the pace and look natural while doing it, and you’ve got, Splitsville!

The pastel colours of the set, the far away sounds of bowling balls hitting pins in other lanes, and the active bowling lane, complete with scoreboard, felt like we were right there with them at the bowling alley.  

300 points to the “backstage ghost bowling crew” who had perfect timing in getting those balls back to the ball return for the next attempt, and the fully functional bowling lane that took the constant pounding during the ten-pin season in the quest for the coveted golden trophy. 

Congratulations to the cast and crew on a wonderfully entertaining show that “struck out!” 

Guelph Little Theatre’s next show is the wonderful Canadian comedy, Perils of Persephone by award-winning playwright, Dan Needles. It runs April 20-30th at GLT.

Tickets are $20 for adults/$15 for seniors and children. Tickets online: Guelph Little Theatre (

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