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Photo Credits: Kevin Jones

It doesn’t take flashy costumes, intricate set pieces or a large cast to create a masterpiece. In No Woman’s Land a masterpiece was created through its storytelling, raw performances and intricate lighting, music and visuals. On March 18th, 2023, the River Run Centre hosted a Guelph Dance presentation based on true stories of women in refugee camps. No Woman’s Land had 6 performers express, emote and in-body the experience of each story. The movements and performances felt as raw and as terrifying as these true events must have been.The performance included lighting, sound and visuals that heightened each moment’s emotional significance. In many accounts of the refugee experience, I had goosebumps as the reality of each haunting memory was brought to life. The performance incorporated movements that were both beautiful and unsettling; showing the depths of the physical, emotional and mental strain that these women faced. 

After the hour performance, audience members were invited to ask the Director/ Choreographer and performers questions. It was incredible to learn that this talented cast not only used real stories in their sound design but that several cast members have personal experiences as refugees themselves. The strength and vulnerability to share those moments were truly inspiring.

No Woman’s Land was conceived and directed by Roshanak Jaberi, and developed in partnership with IRIS – Institute for Research and Development on Inclusion and Society. This incredible combination of art and politics has been nominated for 5 DORA MAVOR MOORE categories including Outstanding Original Production, Outstanding Original Choreography, Outstanding Original Composition/Sound Design, Outstanding Lighting Design and Outstanding Performance Of An Ensemble. 

Currently, there are no shows posted on the tour schedule but if they become available I HIGHLY recommend you take the opportunity to go. An artwork like this should not be missed.

For more information please visit Jaberi Dance Theatre’s website at https://www.jaberidt.com/ or Guelph Dance’s website at https://guelphdance.ca/

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