Synths Always on CFRU Radio Gryphon, 93.3 FM

I’m happy as heck to be on the air with a four-part audio documentary on the history of electronic music, Synths Always.

With the support to CFRU 93.3 University of Guelph Radio Gryphon, Synths Always is what I get up to when I can’t evangelize about the glorious power of the synthesizer through the Blackball program, an electronic music teaching program that “doesn’t do” Zoom.

Synths Always will be broadcast Sunday mornings through August 2021, presented by yours truly, Blackball’s  humble executive director, Aimee Copping.

Tune in to the first episode of Synths Always on CFRU 93.3 this Sunday 8 August at 11:00 EST, or listen online at

You can read about Blackball on our illustrious weblog, located at

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