“The Place You Have to Go to!” The Artworks Gallery Guelph

Written by GAC Volunteer Victoria Abballe

As I arrived at the Artworks Gallery Guelph, I was amazed by the welcoming energy of the space, and the delightful smell of coffee from next door at the Lost Aviator. The Artworks Gallery is a fairly new art gallery in Guelph located at 404 York Rd, which opened up just last spring. There is no fee required to visit, and it is open 7 days a week from 10:00am-4:00pm. Whether you are a local Guelph citizen, or just passing through, the Artworks Gallery Guelph is the perfect place to grab a coffee next door and appreciate some artwork.

They are currently accepting applications for emerging artists to be featured in the gallery for six weeks, and are always welcoming volunteers. This is a fantastic opportunity for emerging artists to grow their CV, and get exposure in the Guelph community. The artist will also receive 100% of the funds if artwork is sold. 

The members of the Artworks Gallery Guelph include Pati, Lisa, Nancy, Sharyn, Suzanne, and Jan. Each member has their own unique artistic background and are passionate about making the Artworks Gallery an inclusive and uplifting space. To read more about them, click here. If you are interested in joining as a member, or have any inquiries, please email [email protected].

Photo Credits: Victoria Abballe

Artworks Gallery Mission Statement:

The Artworks Gallery Guelph (AGG) is a member-driven collective that provides an open and welcoming space for people to gather and experience fine art in all its forms. It is the intention of this collective to promote artists, encourage sales, and provide an inclusive community for both artists and lovers of the arts.

Every six weeks, the Artworks Gallery Guelph has a new and exciting exhibition that is juried and curated by the members themselves. Each show has a grand opening on the Saturday following the first week, and everyone is welcome to attend! “Here Comes the Colour” is the current show that opened on February 25th. This show invites the viewer to be present and experience the wonders of art through vibrant artworks. This show includes different media such as acrylic paintings, sculpture, wall hangings, and even illuminated artworks. Jean Callister is the featured artist throughout this show, and has a variety of colourful abstract paintings on the ‘feature wall’.

The gallery has a distinct interior shape, making it an interesting experience for everyone that walks in. Instead of a cubed space with four white walls, the protruding walls add depth and new perspectives from every spot in the gallery.

After interviewing the members of the Artworks Gallery Guelph, I could hear just how exciting this new endeavor is for them, and how much passion and hard work went into creating such a wonderful space. Their goal is to be the gallery that everyone is talking about, and aspire to be the “place you have to go to” when passing through Guelph. This is definitely what I’ll be saying to anyone that’s visiting!

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