Musical Member: MOONBEAN

As many of you in the community know, Guelph Arts Council recently made a new home in the former eBar above Miijidaa and The Bookshelf and we’re calling this space the artBar. This past Friday (July 14th, 2023), after a successful AGM we held our grand opening party to celebrate the beginning of artBar.  

Members of the Guelph arts community filled the space up with laughter, kindness, and hope for the future of the arts. Amazing music also filled the air from two amazing local bands SHEBAD and MOONBEAN. Read about SHEBAD here in a previous Musical Member. 

After such an amazing night GAC wanted to make sure that anyone who could not make it was still introduced to MOONBEAN so we have decided to do this month’s Musical Member on this super rad band!

Photo credits Nicolette Hoang and Sean P McCabe taken at Kazoo! Fest 2022

MOONBEAN is a queer, Ontario-based artist. Performing as an electronic duo with a live, synth hardware set and edgy vocals. They reign in experimental synth-pop with flavours of psychedelia, acid-house, techno and disco with a punk attitude. MOONBEAN’s music pulls inspiration from artists like Little Dragon, Metric, Peaches, and Eurythmics. With a passion for movement and sound paired with layers of alluring, synthesized melodies and heavy dance rhythms, MOONBEAN aim’s to get your heartbeat going, feet moving and heart filled with messages of love and empowerment. In 2022 their project took off releasing their debut EP,  playing festivals in Ontario and Germany as well as a European Tour.

Check out MOONBEAN’s latest EP release, I AM HOME. They also have another upcoming tour in Europe this fall!

Follow MOONBEAN and SHEBAD on Instagram!

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