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Creating work through processes in sculpture and printmaking, Andrea McCallum enters the metaphysical space between the biological and cosmological by engaging with intuition through concrete, paper pulp, and printmaking. She creates organic abstract forms and compositions that feel familiar and yet unrecognizable. Her energy healing and artistic practices overlap for some projects, allowing experiences of the subtle senses a physical embodiment.

A childhood fascination with collecting fossils and stones was enhanced by annual trips to the rocky terrain and starry skies of northern Ontario. The forest ecosystem is a consistent interest, inspiring Andrea to take several environmental science and geography courses while completing her Studio Art degree at the University of Guelph. In her sculptural practice, this has come alive in an exploration of the textures of moss and lichen through concrete and paper pulp.

In addition to this organic work, Andrea also creates graphic linocut and screen prints. These depict a combination of fashion, nature and metaphysical forms. A selection of these works are available for sale in her website print shop.

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